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Human Beatbox of Hawaiʻi Nei Documentary

Human Beatbox of Hawaii Nei Documentary
Mr. Jason Tom the Human Beatbox of Hawai'i Nei Documentary

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Meet Black Rhythm

Black Rhythm TED Talk Black Rhythm TED Talk

Black Rhythm is one of my understudies... he's a wonderful human beatb…

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My Female Beatbox Mentor

Elaine FinnellElaine Finnell (formerly known as Elaine Chao) is one of my earliest beatbo…

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National Beatbox Day

June 10, 2016 is "National Beatbox Day" in honor to the creators and cont…

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This Thursday at Hawaiian Brian’s!! The Grand Slam FINALS & 13th Anniversary... April 7th, 2016!!

It's on!!! The BIG SHOW is this Thursday (April 7th -- the Grand Slam FINAL…

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Honolulu native Jason Tom, Hawaiʻi's Human Beatbox, is an American professional beatboxer who is today reaching 2.2 million unique individuals and households throughout our world. He is seen and heard on TEDx TalksHi Session Musicians, Millennial Magazine, Beatbox Battle TelevisionKapiʻo News, Fame Magazine, Honolulu Star Advertiser, KFVE, OC16, Olelo, National Public Radio, 93.9 The Beat, Hawaii News Now.

He is also a three-time HawaiiSlam First Thursdays top 12 performance poet, Best Solo Performer Hawaii Scene Choice Award recipient, inspirational speaker, voice actor, host,  mathematician, moonwalker, Word of Life men's life group leader, church volunteer, Chinese and Phi Theta Kappa scholar, former soccer and judo athlete, author and publisher for the Jason Tom Music, Hip Hop And Faith Life Blog, and is featured on the Na Hoku Hanohano Award/Hawaii Grammy Award RnB/Hip-Hop nominated album "Nobody Owns Me."

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Thank you Jason for investing your time in helping me get to where I am today. I believe now that I can be an "A" student if I work hard, persevere and remain faithful to my studies. You have taught me well.

Congratulations. Your creativity and talent are an inspiration. Keep on bringing the beats!!

I LOVE what Christ has done with your life, Jason! I'm so thankful for his faithfulness. I pray he continues to speak through your powerful testimony of deliverance.
Happy 10 years old,!!

Hey man happy 10th year anniversary. You are an amazing person and bring cheerfulness to everyone around you, including me. :D glad to have met you, amazing beatboxer, performer, person, always. thanks

Hey man happy 10th year anniversary. You are an amazing person and bring cheerfulness to everyone around you, including me. :D glad to have met you, amazing beatboxer, performer, person, always. thanks

Congratulations! Happy anniversary!

Hey Jason! I remember watching you back when you came to perform at my middle school (Central Middle School) you were so awesome! You got some of my classmates so inspired at what you do and it’s just amazing how much they improved and you’ve improved also. Happy 10th year Anniversary, Much love.

I wish I was their to join you celebrate w you you ten etc but I still dig your music beat box one day I'll see you get your auto graphs listen to your music once again thumb up you can come back I'll encourage you all the fans love you sincerely me

Congratulations on 10 years and your continued growth and sharing of your blessings with everyone!

For you are the salt and the light of this Earth. Keep up raising the bar. Congratulations on 10 years of inspiration and celebration of life, love and joy.

Mic check much respect
To the man who is found
From the penthouse to hugging the ground
Stepping over bodies in Chinatown
For his beatbox the sacredness surrounds
Top Rank vocal percussion bounce
Disciplined disisciple of the cypher
Keeping rappers calm
For 10 years plus its Jason Tom

Congratulations Jason! Sending love from Japan:)

Happy 10th year Anniversary, Jason! Continue to make an impact on the community through your your talent of Beatboxing and your words that encourage us to go after our dreams. Thank you for all that you do, God bless.

-Justin Gouveia

Good job in leading the men at your life group. What an awesome time of fellowship and getting into the word.
I liked the video of you at the radio station. Looks like you had a great time there.

Thank you for sharing and happy 10 year anniversary on

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Jason Tom is a pro beatboxer, mathematician and Life Group leader. has 2.4 million page viewers and 2.2 million unique visitors.

I enrolled in MATH 103: College Algebra more than 13 years ago. I scored a 110% and a 99% on these EXAMS . When I took these exams I challenged myself to not use a calculator. I outscored our entire MATH 103 class. I outscored our A students and calculator users. Mathematics is one of the subjects in the world that prove we are more than capable to be perfect and can score perfect and more than perfect through our diligence, work ethic, self-discipline, and effort. We are meant to be, as math students, more proficient without a calculator than with the use of one. Our brain is capable of processing math more proficiently and efficiently without a calculator. At this time I was also a Supplemental Instruction leader in mathematics and I facilitated sessions for MATH 24 college students and I tutored mathematics on campus. I also took all of the MATH 24 EXAMS and I scored 100% on all of them without a calculator for fun as a SI Leader. I did this to challenge myself how well I understood and comprehended algebra. I wanted to understand it inside and out.

How did I accomplish these scores? Not a secret, I put in the leg work and effort. I was not always a high scoring math student until I replaced bad habits with strong study habits. I went above and beyond for these scores. Did I cheat for these scores? Nope. I did not procrastinate and I used time management skills. I did not settle for anything less than an A and I aimed at scoring perfect as much as possible by aiming at the highest, not aiming low by taking action that will get me there. For MATH, I took notes, I studied math 103 daily, I studied it even on non-class days, I did all of my homework assignments, I read each chapter, and I showed all of my work step by step without the use of a calculator even though our homework assignments were not graded. Meaning, we were not scored for completing and turning in our homework. I did all homework problems and extra homework problems regardless in preparation for our graded quizzes. I scored perfect on our quizzes consistently that prepared me for our EXAMS. I also did the homework problems that did not have solutions on the back, the even problems.
Men of Conquest. When there's a team, There's conquest. #MenofConquest #MensBreakfast #conquest #team #men
We do Life and Mathematics together one math session at a time. Full day of tutoring. Have math needs? I can tutor and coach you to excel in mathematics. I will take on that challenge and commitment when working with you. I will push and challenge you to be at your best. To be at our best. Let's build a solid foundation in math.

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We do Life and Mathematics Together one math session at a time. Wow, the math sessions of \
While I tutored math last night that followed my Life Group with a group of #WordofLife men, I ran into Chase, one of the emcees of last year's #FridayNightFlow when I beatboxed with #Josaiah and Josh for a #youthoutreach at #InspireChurch #Waikele. I also met Chase's born again friends, this #PacRimChristianUniversity group of amazing born again believers from #OneLoveMinistries, #NewHopeOahu, #GraceFellowship.
Full circle. A lady offered Tony and myself her table for our Life Group. Then I went, \
Iron sharpens iron. We do life together at our Mighty Men's Life Group one Life Group at a time. Where Mighty Men like us gather at this powerful, prayerful and impacting Life Group. Not connected to or plugged into a Life Group? You are welcome to join us and our Men's Life Group. It's a powerful time of fellowship, prayer and to be strengthened in the Word of God. Be edified. Be encouraged. Be exhorted. Receive a fresh Rhema word from God to get a charge in our hearts and our lives, our family, ministry, and work. Revelation, knowledge, insight, counsel, might, and the spirit of the Fear of the Lord.
Hard work. Dedication. The #UFC Champion is here. It is the #JasonTom in #ChristJesus era! Big shout out to the brothers @BJPenn and @BlessedMMA. @theNotoriousMMA, let's beatbox battle, unlimited rounds, no time limit, inside the octagon and inside the boxing ring. Our referee Floyd Mayweather of @TheMoneyTeam @MayweatherPromotions @TFMJF.


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